the project

Hi folks,

welcome to our great adventure. At the end of April we are going to cross Greenland, the world´s biggest island. Its icecap is about 1.800 000 km² huge.

For a distance of approx 550 – 600 km we will be  unsupported and unassisted. We are facing different challenges, such as temperatures up to -40 degrees celcius , tremendous crevasses, whiteout, polar bears and storm forced winds. Our equipment will be hauled in pulkas (sledge) up to 80 kg each.

We will cross Greenland from the east to the west. Starting in the east is more challenging. The way up is steeper and more dangerous. Especially the feared heavy storms called Piteraq sweeping from the Greenland ice sheet across the coast to the sea. A Piteraq can reach up to 288 km/h. Warnings should be taken seriously.

Being completely on our own the equipment has to withstand the extreme conditions. Injuries and damaged gear may result in live-threatening situations.

A perfect preparation is absolutely necessary. Therefore we are training and organizing for the past 9 months. The training covers normal endurance sports and special tire pulling workouts. Towing the heavy pulkas can be best simulated by pulling tires.

Impressions of our training and more are found here.